Why art should be your new hobby

Remember when you were a kid and your elementary school art teacher brought out those dollar store watercolors? Or when your mom bought a new box of colored pencils because they were on the school supply list? Or the first time you were allowed to finger paint? How about creating a “masterpiece” as a toddler on the walls of your home? Have you ever thought about why that was so much fun? Well I have, and I’ve come up with two possible reasons: creation and color.

The Art of Creation

As human beings, it’s in our nature to create. When creating a work of art, or a casserole, or a company, or a human child. We live to create. Art allows us to do that with a few simple materials and within a defined space. And the possibilities are endless:there’s not right or wrong answer. Creation is accompanied a guaranteed sense of accomplishment. Whether or not your project turns out the way you initially planned, you created it. You. It was a blank canvas, and you gave it life. The paper was white, now it is adorned with grey pencil marks. You did that.

As a mom, that sense of accomplishment is important. Our kids make messes, and we clean them up. The chores need done, we complete them. While some people can gain their sense of accomplishment through a clean house and healthy kids, others gain little satisfaction from something so mundane. Art allows us moms a way to put our emotions into a different form.

The serenity of Monet’s San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk is evidence of how the artist felt at the scene. While with Picasso’s The Old Guitarist, one can almost feel the sadness, lonliness and exhaustion of the old man. It helps to put it on paper.

The Art of Color

The second reason why art would be a good hobby for you is color. We are a very fortunate species of the animal kingdom for we are born with the ability to see color. It is amazing what color can do. It can bring images to life and relieve stress. Why do you think adult coloring books have taken off? It’s therapeutic for our eyes which are so used to white walls; it’s therapeutic for our hands to do something other than type or text; it’s therapeutic to our minds to take a break from meetings and from stress, and instead think of what color would look best next to this blue circle? Our eyes need color.

That’s not to say you have to use every color of the rainbow in your artwork. Certainly not.

Rothko turned the art world on its head with his thought-provoking, seemingly simple two-or-three-tones painting. Many may look at his Dark Brown and Grey painting and wonder: but what is it? That is the question, isn’t it? It’s for the viewer to decide. What emotion does it invoke?

And then there are works like Leonardo da Vinci’s masterful Head of a Girl. Although black was the only color used in this piece, I think we can all agree on the evidence that de Vinci’s soul is in this work.

What are you waiting for?

You don’t need a bunch of fancy tools or expensive pencils or brushes to get started. Grab some printer paper and a box of crayons and start creating your colorful masterpiece!


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