My Own Picasso

I love Pablo Picasso’s work. I think it’s beautiful and interesting and definitely something I could emulate. So I decided to give it a shot.


This painting “Reading at a table” I fell in love with, and I thought would be a good project for me to take on. I showed it to my husband and he liked it, except for the color scheme and the flower head wreath. I told him I had planned on changing the background and making the subject male instead of female anyway. He had a hard time envisioning what I was talking about, so I tried to help him see it.


This is another of Picasso’s paintings, called “House and Trees,” which would be the background for my reading boy. So then I got started.

I knew I wanted it big, and didn’t have any large canvas on hand. So I took and old frame I had picked up at a yard sale and remove the large calendar or whatever picture had been framed. I figured I would just save myself some time and money and use that. If you’re just experimenting, the materials don’t need to be top notch.


I mapped out where I wanted everything to go and started painting. It was really fun actually. There wasn’t a lot of technique in the beginning, just creativity. When my husband came home from work, I showed him the above painting. My husband is a little more traditional in his artistic tastes, so I asked him if he thought I should just leave the colors more true to life, or “go full Picasso on it” as I put it. He gave permission for the latter.


I’m no Picasso, but I was very proud of it at this point. I loved how the colors turned out and the different textures, etc. Shortly after finishing this step, we moved to a new home and I told my husband that I thought maybe I should put some paintings up for sale since I had so many. He said, “But you’ll keep the Picasso one, right?” I felt so flattered that he liked it as much as I did.



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