Pearl and Glass Bead Necklace


My baby sister just got engaged. I’m really happy for her. The wedding’s coming up quickly, so I’ve been try to help with the planning as much as I possibly can. I just ordered her announcements for her last night, and I’ve been flooding her inbox with ideas for jewelry, shoes, flowers, etc. In response to my suggestions for necklaces, she sent me this picture:

Inline image 1

Very lovely. So I scoured the internet looking for it. I finally found the picture and it actually led me to a tutorial. I told her I would give it a shot, if that’s the one she wanted and she gave me the green light.


So I went to my local craft store to get supplies.I tweaked the original tutorial slightly (color, size of beads, etc.) to achieve the end result I wanted.

What you’ll need:

glass seed beads (either 11/0 or 12/0 – that’s the size of bead)

white pearl beads

beading wire

-ribbon or necklace clasp

-pliers (regular or jewelry pliers)


  1. Cut 1 yard beading wire and string 7 seed beads onto it. Allow the beads to sink to the center of the the wire.dscn3783
  2. Put the opposite end of the string through the last hole and pull all of the way through. This should form a small circle loop. Push it to the center of your wire. Now you should have 2 equal strands, connected by the bead loop in the center.dscn3782
  3. On one strand, string 9 seed beads. On the other strand, string one pearl bead. dscn3781
  4. Take the strand that has the large bead and string it through the last bead (the 9th bead) of the other strand. Pull tight.dscn3780
  5. Noticing that the strands naturally cross (you want this – don’t try and straighten them), string 9 seed beads on the bottom strand (which used to be on top. The strand with the seed beads will always be where you put seed beads, and the strand with the pearl beads will always be where you string another pearl bead.). String a pearl bead on the top strand. String the pearl strand through the 9th bead. dscn3779
  6. Repeat for however long you want the necklace. dscn3784
  7. When you’re ready to end, string 4 seed beads on strand, and 5 seed beads on the other strand. String the 4 strand through the 5th bead of the opposite strand and tie the strands. String the strands through a previous bead and tie. String through another previous bead and clip the remaining strands.dscn3786
  8. At this point, you have some options. The original tutorial called for ribbon. I prefer a traditional clasp.dscn3785
  9. Using a pair of pliers (or 2 – that makes it easier), open the jump ring that the clasp is connected to. Shown here are jewelry pliers, but regular pliers work just fine.dscn3787
  10. Feed the jump ring through the loop you made at the end of the necklace and close it again with the pliers.

You’re done!

An awesome afternoon project that is so pretty!


I love it. I may make one for myself. Maybe add some different colors. Let me know how yours turns out!



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