Make your own earrings


Do you love jewelry as much as I do? It draws me in at supermarkets, department stores, garage sales, and on people. I love how jewelry can change the entire look of an outfit, and has the ability of changing you from “I’ve been binge-watching ‘Once Upon a Time’ all afternoon” to “I’m ready for dinner with my girlfriends.” Especially earrings. Because they’re so close to your face, they bring out your eyes, shape your face, and add a splash of color to your jawline. And the possibilities for earrings are endless. I can never have too many. That’s one of the reasons I joined the Paparazzi team (employee id 52001 – check me out!), but have you ever searched in vain for the perfect pair of earrings for that special night you’ve been waiting for? Only to be disappointed they are nowhere to be found? Or worse – you found them and they are out of your price range? Well, make them yourself! It really is so much easier than you think it is. Here is a VERY basic, step-by-step tutorial on how to get started.

Obviously, we need to talk supplies first. I’ll put the list here, and explain each item later. Each item is linked to amazon if you’d like to purchase your supplies online. However, these items are easily found at any craft store in the jewelry section.

Supplies needed:

-2 earring hooks

-2 (or more) jump rings

-2 (or more) lightweight charms


That’s it. That’s really all you need. These custom-made earrings should cost you less than $1 to make (per pair)!

Since we’re keeping this super basic, I’m now going to go through each of the items on the supply list before pressing forward with the instructions.


Earring hooks. Near the bottom of the picture, you can see the earring hooks. That’s the part that goes into your ear. They come in a variety of sizes and finishes (colors). If you don’t have pierced ears, this tutorial also works for clip ons.

The upper section of the picture are different colored circles. Those are jump rings. They connect one piece of jewelry to another.


They come in large, medium, and small sizes. Since this is your first experience with jump rings, I would steer clear of the smallest size.

As you can see with several of the jump rings pictured, they are not sealed shut. That is on purpose. With pliers (or really strong fingers), the jump rings can be opened and closed to unattach and reattach jewelry pieces.

You also will need 2 lightweight charms. These are also found in the jewelry making section. What you’re looking for is anything with a hole in the top. The reindeer I found in a set for 98 cents. The coins came in a set of 4. The flowers came in a kit. Sometimes you’ll find a variety pack of charms. If there’s only one of each, just buy two packs. Since they’re going on your ears, just make sure they aren’t too heavy.


The last material listed was a set of pliers. I have jewelry pliers, but any pliers will work. Scissor tweezers or eyebrow tweezers can also be used. Or your hands. Pliers just makes if easier and neater.

Hopefully that makes it easier to know what you’re looking for. Now let’s get started.



  1. Set up. Place your charms facing the same direction, with a jump ring above each one, and the earring hooks facing OPPOSITE each other. It’s so important that the hooks face opposite directions, since they are going on different sides of your face.dscn3819
  2. Take your first jump ring and open it. To do this, place jump ring in the pliers. It should be easily opened as you push the opposite direction with your fingers or a second set of pliers. You don’t need to completely flatten the jump ring. Depending on the opening of your charm, 1cm opening should be plenty. Repeat this step for the second jump ring.


3. Pick up your earring hook and notice that at the bottom it has a circle opening. Slide the jump ring through that opening. Repeat with the other earring hook and jump ring.


4. One at a time, slide the charm onto the same jump ring. Make sure you staying true to your original layout: either the earring hooks have to be facing opposite directions, or the charms do. They should not be identical.


5. This part is a tiny bit tricky. Making sure that the earring hook and charm are both still on the jump ring, grab the pliers again. Carefully close the jump ring doing the exact reverse of how you opened it.


Try to get the two sides of the jump ring to connect completely, otherwise you will be in danger of your charm falling off as you wear them.

6. Then admire them. You’re done!


If you’re feeling adventurous, keep reading. Otherwise, pat yourself on the back and flaunt your handmade earrings!


Since you’re a pro now, get creative! Add another charm by using a second jump ring. Or layer several charms on the same earring by using a larger jump ring!

You can do it! Make yourself something special. It’s so fun!

I’d love to see what you create! Comment below!



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