Starting a New Hobby


I spend a lot of time on Pinterest. Probably more than I should. And lots of times I’ll see something cool and think: I can do that! So then I’ll do weeks of research on how to do it, look up different tutorials, the best products, the least expensive way to get started, etc. Here are a few I’ve found that are perfect for someone who’s looking for something new and fun, and unintimidating:



I fear lots of people don’t paint because they feel they lack artistic talent. An art professor I had while at SVU said that this idea that some people are born with more talent than others is false – that it is all about practice. So buy some canvas and get started!  Here are the bare minimum essentials to get you started:


paints (I like acrylic, but you may prefer watercolor)

paintbrushes (nothing fancy – dollar store brushes will do)

There are so many possibilities. If you need some inspiration, check out my Etsy page, or echo the style of your favorite painter, or recreate a painting you love.


Jewelry Making

This one is fun because you get to flaunt it on a regular basis. It’s not hard to get started, and if you worry you lack creativity, just follow the examples on the box. You can either get a kit like this one I like:


Or you can get the essentials separately:

beads (do yourself a favor and get a case to keep them in)

jewelry pliers

jump rings

clasps or hooks

I love to sit down with some beads and charms and play with the colors and order. Sometimes I’ll make a necklace and take it apart again if it’s not something I would wear. It’s still fun to make. If you need some help getting started, check out my post for beginners.



This hobby was actually my husband’s doing. He bought me a pyrography kit for Valentine’s Day one year and I was immediately hooked. I even started an Etsy shop and have made some beautiful wood plaques for family, friends, and customers. I’m super easy to get started. All you need is:

pyrography pen


graphite paper (for tracing. Not essential, but helpful)

It’s not an expensive hobby, since wood is fairly inexpensive, and it’s now my go-gift for weddings and anniversary parties. I actually just had a friend yesterday if I would make her a plaque for her parents. Try it! If you need help getting started, check out my post for beginners.


Did that help? Instead of asking for a new movie or shoes for Christmas, ask for supplies to start a new hobby. We were all born to work with our hands, so put your hands to work!



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