Snowflake String Art


I can’t take credit for this idea. I saw that Hobby Lobby had one like this and knew I had to copy it. I took a picture of theirs on my phone and bought all the supplies I thought I would need.


-10 x 10 canvas wood panel

-blue and grey acrylic paint

glitter (optional)

short nails (5/8 in) and hammer

-white string (I use crochet thread)

-this snowflake or an image of your choosing (docsnowflake   0r  pdfsnowflake)


The canvas wood panel has a frame on the back, so turn it upside down.


Mix equal parts blue and grey and paint the inside and sides of the panel. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle on some glitter. (Tip: do the glitter part over a baking sheet to keep the mess contained. Or in the garage.)


Let it dry for several hours or overnight. Meanwhile, cut out the snowflake and arrange it how you want it to sit in the frame. Secure it with a nail.


This next part is tedious, but necessary. You need to hammer in a nail anywhere where two lines converge, and wherever a line ends. I think I used 92 nails total. Don’t nail them all of the way in – just enough so they are secure in the wood. (Tip: If  you are worried about the nails poking through onto your table, nail the snowflake down on top of an old couch.)


Next carefully tear the snowflake paper from between the nails. Make sure not to pull the nails out with the paper.


Take the beginning of the tread and tie the end around a nail. Choose a nail that’s not very prominent. Then start wrapping the tread around in the pattern of the snowflake. You may want to keep a picture of the snowflake handy for reference.dscn3943

When you’ve come to the end, tie off your string and admire your beautiful work.





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