Interview with a painter mom: Angela Wells


I just got this beautiful Christmas card in the mail and I immediately fell in love with it. Angie and I have been friends since high school and I love keeping up with her life on Facebook as she posts about her adorable family and projects she’s completed. I asked her a few questions about her most recent undertaking: family Christmas cards.

ME: So how come you decided to do a painting rather than go the traditional route of a family picture?

ANGELA: The main reason I decided to do a painting rather than a family picture is I dread picking the picture every year. It is my job to do the Christmas cards. This was decided at the beginning of my marriage. My husband and I picked something we each just hated doing and the other person said “I can do that.” So my husband is in charge of the Christmas lights outside and I do the card. It’s always a pain to pick the right picture with every one looking at the camera and is not making a silly face. This year we didn’t even have any pictures available. It dawned on me that everyone in our families likes my paintings. I could just paint something and everyone would be happy.


ME: How long did it take you to paint your picture?

ANGELA: It took me three days to paint my picture from conception to completion.


ME: Where did your inspiration come from?

ANGELA: In my list of family and friends that would be receiving my card I have Christians, Pagans, and Atheists. I wanted a religion neutral card that would please everyone. I was mulling that over in my head and I got an image of this scene. It just felt warm and comforting to me and that was the emotions I wanted to share with my loved ones.


ME: How long have you been painting?

ANGELA: I have been painting for 11 years. I started painting when my husband went in his first deployment with the Navy. I was sad and lonely and we had recently moved to a new town so I didn’t have anyone to talk to at all. I watched a lot of Bob Ross and thought “I bet I could do that.” Turns out I could.

ME: Where did you get these printed?

ANGELA: I printed these cards at Walmart. I looked around at a lot of companies looking for a basic folded card that would print a full picture on the front and a small bit of text on the inside. You would be amazed at how difficult that is to find. It is apparently not that popular of a design. Plus Walmart was the cheapest and they allowed me to print just one to see if it turned out alright.


ME: Are you pleased with the end product?

ANGELA: I am delighted with out these turned out. This is actually the first time in my life that the idea that came to me in the begging is the same as the finished product. This is precisely what I hoped for and so far everyone loves them.


These are definitely a winner in my book. I even framed it an put it on my mantel. Simply lovely. I loved this alternative to the more common family picture Christmas card. I may just have to steal Angie’s idea!


19Angela is a stay at home wife and mother and has many hobbies in addition to painting: I like paint, crochet, burn my fingers while cooking, attempt to sew things badly, and watch plants die in my pitiful garden.

My husband and I have been married for almost 13 years. Our anniversary is 3 weeks away and we can not wait to tease each other with exclamations of “13 years and you still can’t put the dishes in the sink.” Making jokes and laughing is really the secret to our marriage. It’s not a good day unless everyone has a good belly laugh at least once. Our wee girl is our life and joy and hope for a better future. She is the bright and shinning light of the world we have waited for for so long. She is the glue that mended our shattered hearts.

To contact Angela, comment below!

Copyright note: Unless otherwise noted, all of these images are the property of Angela Wells and may not be duplicated without permission.


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