Star Napkin Rings


Where Ideas Come From

We love the public library in my house. My toddler always wants to go look for “Batman books” and whenever there’s a holiday on the horizon, my husband gets a Star Trek novel. I, on the other hand, spend most of my time in the non-fiction section. I recently walked past a display of Christmas-themed books and was intrigued by this one:

Christmas Treats: recipes and crafts for the whole family

I thumbed through it there, and then went through it page-by-page once we got home. Page 11 features a “feliz navidad in foil and glitter” gingerbread man ornament tutorial, and also pictured is a side tutorial for making them stars instead of gingerbread men. I loved that idea! So I got to work.

What you’ll need:

aluminum wire


-aluminum foil


mod podge (or any glue)

-glue gun (or a really strong glue)

-gold glitter

clear acrylic sealer


  1. Take your wire and start to bend it back and forth at about 1.5 inch intervals.


2. Once you have done that 5 times, cut off the excess wire (with strong scissors or wire cutters).


3. Using pliers, crimp the curves so they are more pointed.


4. Repeat for all curves.


5. Now, turn twist the wire around so the ends come together.


6. Using your hands, spread out the points of the star. You’ll want to spread them out fairly wide, since you need to fit a full napkin through it. Glue the ends together (with a strong glue).


7. Glue the star to a sheet of aluminum foil. Then glue the other side of the star and foil the foil on top of the glue so the wire is completely covered.


8. Leaving about 1/4 inch around the wire, trim excess aluminum foil around the exterior of the star. Poke a hole in the center of the star and make slits to each point.


9. Fold the outside excess aluminum foil over so it is close to the wire.


10. Do the same for the interior of the star.


11. Now comes the fun part: glitter. Using your mod podge, completely cover one side of the star. Sprinkle generously with glitter. Let it set for at least 10 minutes before repeating on the other side. If you would rather not make your whole house glitter-ful, make sure to put a baking sheet (or cake lid like I did) underneath your stars. (Alternatively, you could just buy mod podge that already has glitter in it).

12. After letting your stars sit for several hours, spray each with acrylic sealer. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. You don’t want non-edible glitter all over your guests’ plates. Make sure you seal the glitter so it doesn’t come off.


Have a merry Christmas dinner!


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