Brownie Contest


If you read my recent recipe post on brownies, you know my obsession with the chocolatey dessert. They are something I cannot resist. I recently went to my sister’s wedding and she had mint brownies served at her reception. Delicious brownie on the bottom, with a layer of mint frosting, topped with a layer of chocolate frosting. So good. So I thought I would see who could come up with the ultimate brownie. My recipe is simple, so we’re going to keep the contest simple you can only add ONE ingredient to the recipe (two layers of different flavored frostings (like mint brownies) counts as TWO ingredients – sorry). I want to know what combination of chips and add-ins make for the most spectacular brownie.

Okay time for the  contest.

Challenge: make the best – testing variation of my brownie recipe (…/1-12-brownies/comment-page-1/…)
Rules: you can only change the type of chips used and/or add ONE additional ingredient. (for example, the ones above use  1/2 sea salt caramel chips and 1/2 milk chocolate chips, and have dulce de leche in the center. The ones on the blog use milk chocolate chips, and have peppermint bars on top)

Prize: An online chocolate making course (…/chocolate-making-busi…/)

Judges: Friends and neighbors who will sample each kind after I make YOUR recipe, and I will also post an online contest (you can only vote for yourself once!)

Entry deadline: Monday, January 16, 2017
Voting will begin the following day and the winner will be announced Saturday, January 21, 2017

Submit your entry here:


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