You+ Me Valentines Art


I love Valentine’s Day. The pink and red and hearts and love and candy, etc. So fun. I wanted to make a cute wall hanging to capture a little of that, but there’s just one problem: I already have enough stuff on my walls. So I made this for my good friend Helen.


-10 x 10in wood

-heart stencil

-pyrography pen

-wood stain (see note below)



  1. Trace the hearts onto the wood.


2. Burn the hearts into the wood, and trace the first initials of your names into the wood.



3. Burn the initials into the wood.


4. Stain the wood to your liking!

Note: I have fallen in love with unnatural wood stains – meaning stains other than shades of brown. Just go to Home Depot and ask them to mix a color for you. Here are the options (just click on water based wood stain). I chose cherry blossom and sangria and pure white. So fun!



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