Conversation Heart Art


I am SO in love with the way these turned out! They are SO cute! I think I got this idea from Pinterest, and I’m SO happy I saved it! I heart Pinterest.

So, if you didn’t grow up in the States, you might not be familiar with conversation hearts. Well, let me just enlighten you: they’re hard and they taste like chalk, but they are iconic Valentine’s Day candy. And they are pretty cute, so I chose to use their design to make some Valentine’s Day decorations for our wall.


These are SUPER easy to make and can easily be done in an afternoon. I will show you how I did mine, but *you can definitely skip all of the pyrography stuff and just use stencils or stamps for the letters. That would have been  a lot easier.

Here’s what you need to get started:

wood hearts

-a page printed or sayings to trace (I used Microsoft Yi Baiti size 140)

acrylic paints

sponge brushes

fine-point paintbrush

-pyrography pen (optional-see note above*)

graphite paper (optional – used for tracing)

Here’s my method:


  1. Print out 3 says of your choice. I used Microsoft word to plan my layout, so I used Microsoft Yi Baiti font and found that size 140 fit perfectly on the heart.

2. This step is optional, but I found it helpful. Using graphite paper, trace your phrases onto the hearts

3. This step is also optional, and I found it to be unnecessary. I burned the letters into the wood. It actually made it a little more difficult, since I was painting on top of it. If you want to burn the letters into the wood, I recommend only burning the outline of the letters.


4. Paint the hearts with the sponge brushes. I mixed a light pink with white for one, yellow with white for another, and the last I mixed light blue and light pink and added a little lavender and white.


5. Using your  fine-tipped paintbrush, VERY carefully paint over the outline of the letters.


6. Admire your work.

These are fun for any home, and you can choose the language you want the phrases in (by the way, “besame” means “kiss me” and is the title of one of my very favorite Andrea Bocelli songs – watch it below!), or choose an acronym (my husband suggested “LLAP” meaning “Live Long And Prosper”), or a picture (like a fun peace sign). The possibilities are endless! I love them so much, I might just make some more!

Besame Mucho – Andrea Bocelli


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