14 Days of Valentines for ALL the people you love

Each day of February, until we reach Valentine’s Day, I’m going to give you some ideas on Valentine’s gifts. There are so many different people I love – and in so many different ways. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to focus purely on romantic love. Spread the love!

Here’s the schedule. Make sure you watch out for some fun ideas!:

Feb 1: For that couple you love – You + Me hearts


Feb 2: For your superhero-loving nephew – Superhero Magazine Art


Feb 3: For your cowboy grandpa – Faux Cowhide Clock

Feb 4: For your best friend – Ticket Stub Memories

Feb 5: For your friend’s new baby – Paper Quilled Letter

Feb 6: For the love of your life – “Our Song” Frame


Feb 7: For your mom – Soda Bottle Vase

Feb 8: For your religious mentor

Feb 9: For your son

Feb 10: For yourself

Feb 11: For your sister

Feb 12: For your ancestors

Feb 13: For your friend who’s getting married

Feb 14: For everyone else


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