Superhero Magazine Art

29This can easily be done in just 2 hours – start to finish. As long as you have all of the materials on hand, that is. Let’s go through those really quickly:


5-10 old magazines (it really doesn’t matter what kind)*

10 x 10″ surface (wood, cardboard, corkboard – whatever you have on hand)**

glue gun + extra glue sticks***

superhero logo printout****

*Now for some clarification, the magazines are going to be torn up, so make sure you don’t care about them anymore. I inherited some National Geographic from a friend, so I used those. But if you have Cosmo, it works just as well. If you don’t have any magazines lying around, go to your local public library. Lots of times they will give you old magazines, or sell them to at 25 cents each.

**As for a surface area, I used corkboard on my first attempt and it turned out fine. I painted it first to help it hold together, and it’s kept its shape pretty well. I did cardboard this time.

***Any glue gun will work, just make sure you have LOTS of glue sticks on hand (at least 10). The gluing is tedious, but once you get into a rhythm, you don’t want to have to pause and go to the store.


****Obviously you don’t have to use a superhero logo. You could also do a shape (like the heart I did), or a princes silhouette, or an animal, etc. Names are a little more tough, but single letters are fair game!



  1. Thinking about your design, determine the main colors you want. Then, go through your magazines looking for pages that have large areas with each of those colors on it. Rip the page out, and make a separate pile for each color. (note: I recommend sticking to no more than 3-4 main colors)dscn4458
  2. Cut each magazine page so the desired color is the edge.
  3. Starting from the opposite end of the page (of your desired color), glue a long strip and start rolling the paper onto itself. When you reach the other end, glue it underneath (with the desired color facing up).dscn4468
  4. Repeat for all pages.dscn4462
  5. Prep your surface area if necessary. Paint it, color on it, or leave it blank.
  6. Trace your design onto your surface (I used chalk).
  7. Now comes the fun part. Now that you have all of these colors, follow your design and add according to your pattern – cutting the magazine rolls to size as needed.
  8. Allow to dry and/or use spray adhesive to finish it (optional).




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