Huge Cowboy Wall Clock

I love clocks and am constantly checking the time. I have a clock in every room of my house. Every. Room. And I honestly cannot understand why other people don’t seem to care to know the time. One of my biggest pet peeves is clocks that don’t work. What?! How hard is it to replace the battery? Ugh. Anyway, because of my love of clocks, I’m constantly on the lookout for bigger and more attractive clocks. I’ve actually hand-painted several of the clocks around our home. Clocks can definitely be art. That’s why I made this.

When my husband graduated from the university and we finally had a steady income for the first time in our lives, I confessed one of my hidden dreams to him: I had always wanted a cowhide rug. I’m not a cowgirl by any means, but I think they are so cool. Unfortunately, my husband did not share my enthusiasm – much less when he found out that they, on average cost $200 each. So there went that idea.

But that dream lives on in me. So one day I was on and found this:

Udder Maddness fabric.

I quickly ordered a swatch and fell IN LOVE! I had to have it – if not as a rug, then as some sort of decoration. I knew my husband couldn’t say no to a clock. Clocks are useful. So I got to work.

The key to making this clock affordable is using cardboard instead of wood for your base. This serves two purposes: one, making this enormous piece of artwork affordable for any home (have to SEEN the price of even 24″ wood circles?!), and two, it makes it not too heavy to hang on your wall.


-a very large, sturdy cardboard box (think: refrigerator box)

-glue gun

-1 yard cowhide fabric

-clockworks for 3/8″ thick clocks

-furniture nails

-leather ribbon


  1. Decide how large you want to make your clock (not larger than 3 feet, or you’ll need more fabric) and trace a circle on your box.
  2. Using heavy duty scissors or an exacto knife, cut out your circle.
  3. Measure your cardboard’s thickness. If it is less than 1/8″, cut another circle of equal size out of your box until you reach a thickness of at least 2/8″, but not exceeding 3/8″.
  4. Using your glue gun, glue all circles of cardboard on top of each other.
  5. Lay out your fabric and iron if necessary (underneath another piece of fabric to protect it). Place the circle in the center of it and trim large excesses. You only need it to wrap around the edge. You’re not covering both sides.
  6. With your fabric face down and your circle on top of it, begin gluing the fabric to the back of the circle. Start on one corner of the fabric and glue, and then go to the opposite corner and pull it tight and glue.
  7. Continue all the way around the circle.
  8. Let it dry for a while.
  9. Coming back to work on it, take the faux leather ribbon and stretch it out. Turn the clock over so it fabric faces up.
  10. At this point you want to find the center of your circle (where you will place your clock works) and poke a hole. Scissors or a sharp nail should do the trick. If it moves the fabric out of whack, you can cover your mistakes with the leather ribbon.
  11. Begin gluing the leather ribbon around the front of the clock face – trying to be careful to ensure that the same width of leather is showing all the way around.
  12. Let it dry for a while.
  13. The furniture nails should push in fairly easily at this point. Arrange them to your liking and push them completely into the cardboard.
  14. You’re nearly ready to put it on your wall! Attach the clockworks and numbers and admire your country-style masterpiece!



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