Seahorse Stick Art


I saw this idea on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with it. It’s so easy and fun and somewhat therapeutic. It’s fun to bring nature inside and mold it into artwork.

Start by collecting several dozen sticks of various thicknesses and break them so they’ll fit into the oven. Make sure the sticks are very dry. But them on a pan and cook them for an hour at 200 degrees. This will ensure that any bugs that might be present are dead.


My toddler loved helping me with this project.


Open a cardboard box all the way. I used a cereal box. Draw a seahorse on it.


Cut out your design.


Arrange the sticks loosely on your cardboard. Make sure that each stick extends past the edge of the cardboard. There’s no rhyme or reason to which stick to use where. Just vary thickness and you can fill in the gaps later.


Before you start gluing put down some newspaper. Use a strong glue. I used Liquid Nails.


It’s totally fine if some of the sticks aren’t straight. Gaps can be filled in by smaller sticks later.


Cover the whole seahorse before filling in the gaps. It’s easier.


Fill in with smaller, thinner sticks wherever large spaces of cardboard show.


It’s just so pretty.


You can’t even tell there’s cardboard behind it. I love it!


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