Life-changing products for moms 2017

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I don’t normally go crazy over specific products. I just buy what’s cheap and will serve the purpose I need. But occasionally I will buy something that honestly does change my life. Lots of these I discovered based on recommendations from family and friends, so that’s why I’m passing them on to you. Hopefully one of these products will fill a need you have!

In no particular order:

  1. For a quick clean-up


Mini vacuum

My sister introduced this to me while I was visiting her now home in Florida. The downstairs was mostly tile (as is my own home) and she had found a solution to keeping it clean, without sweeping every day: the Dirt Devil Simpli-Stik Vacuum Cleaner. It works on tile and it really is awesome. I didn’t think it possible to love a vacuum cleaner, but I love it. I hate sweeping, so I don’t have to. And the VERY best part is that, not only is it lightweight enough for my toddler to help, but ASKS to help and knows how to work it himself! He thinks it’s so fun! And then, if I need to vacuum the stairs, I just take the bottom attachment off and use it as a hand vac. And it has another attachment to get into small spaces like corners, windowsills, etc. I promise I don’t normally get excited about cleaning products, but I can’t say enough good things about this super inexpensive vacuum!

Find it here

2. For a quick art project:


Watercolor Pens

I saw these for sale on Facebook I think and purchased them because I’ve been wanting to try watercolors (I normally stick to acrylics). I also am aware of my unsteady hand with a paintbrush, and have been meaning to try watercolor pencils to see if that helps. So I gave these Soft tip Watercolor Pens a try and fell in love. Let’s be honest: they’re essentially watered-down markers with fancy tips, but they’re markers that you can get wet over and over again and they paint beautifully. They are now my go-to medium when I want to do a quick painting. The only complaint I have is a few of the colors – the red isn’t very dark (more pink) and the purple is too dark (almost black). But knowing that, I have adjusted my artwork. So much fun and zero cleanup!

Find it here


3. For allergies:

BeFunky Collage

Himalayan Salt Lamp

I happened upon these one day as I was reading an article about how to naturally purify the air in your home. I suffer from really bad allergies (since Houston allergy season lasts 12 months!) and electronic air purifiers are expensive and often loud and give off a smell. Several articles I read mentioned both houseplants and Himalayan salt lamps. The science behind it is, as the light bulb inside of them heats up the salt, it ionizes the air around it. At least that’s what the article said. So I have one in my living room, and one in my bedroom right by my head. And now I’m allergy-free! My allergies haven’t woken me up in months! It also helps that they’re really pretty and add a beautiful warm glow to your home. Most visitors to our home comment on them. I try to make sure to point out the lamps serve a purpose other than beauty!

Find it here

4. For dry hair:


Frizz Ease

I have super dry hair and have tried a bzillion hair products.  Then, while we were staying with my husband’s family, his sister-in-law gave me this to try. I will be forever indebted to you, Wendy! This John Frieda Expert Polishing Serum product has made my hair SO much more manageable. I can straighten my hair and not have it feel like sandpaper. But be warned – don’t use too much or your hair will look greasy. I’m pretty sure this is 99% oil, but it works!

Find it here

5. For easy-to-follow recipes:


The Best Mexican Recipes

I’ve said it before on this blog that growing up, I thought all tacos were hard-shelled and all enchiladas were made of mostly cheese. Not the case in Mexico. As I grew up and both traveled to Mexico and married a Mexican, I quickly realized I needed some exposure to more authentic Mexican recipes. My husband got me a recipe book in Spanish and, while some of the recipes were awesome, others didn’t turn out the way my husband remembered from Mexico. Then I discovered America’s Test Kitchen on Netflix. They are an organization that, among other things, tests and tests to find the best tasting, most fool-proof recipes. Just what I was looking for. The very best tacos al pastor you’ll eat outside of a taco stand. I use this collection of Best Mexican Recipes probably once a week. And I love the way it’s written so much, that I’ve also ordered their Complete Recipe book from the tv show (their brioche turned out incredible for someone who’s never even sampled brioche before! And perfect pasta carbonara!).

Find it here

6. For a quick breakfast:


Meal Replacement

This product you may not have seen before. It’s from a relatively new company called Avisae. We decided to give a few of their products a shot and I fell in love with this Meal Replacement. It has such a good flavor – unlike other meal replacements. My husband and toddler also love it! If we need a super quick breakfast, I’ll mix up some bananas, peanut butter, one scoop of the vanilla-flavored meal replacement, and add enough milk to cover it. Fast, tasty, filling. Perfect when my husband’s running late for work, or I need some protein after the gym, or my toddler wants something sweet. It’s a life-saver in a pinch!

Find it here

7. For a better Spirit in your home:

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Christus Statue

My in-laws bought this for us as a Christmas gift and I love having this life-like physical representation of our Savior. He has changed our lives, and my toddler loves to point to the statue on our mantle and say, “Jesus!” He loves Him too! It’s such a beautiful representation and adds so much to our living room.


Children will love feeling the nail prints in His hands and feet and side, and it will open up conversations about forgiveness and repentance than may be otherwise hard to have.

Find it here

I hope at least one of the products can help make your life easier has a mom! Let me know which one!



  1. Really interesting blog!!!! Maybe tell where one can buy a Christus statue. I want more of your delicious food from the Mexican recipe book!! We miss you all so much. Love, Dad


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