The best gifts for your Thanksgiving host


I had a stroke of genius today as I was contemplating what to give my sister as a “thank you for letting us stay with you and eat your food” gift. Then I had it: something for Thanksgiving. So here are totally practical things that any host would love.

A New Knife

Come on. It doesn’t get more obvious than that. Will all of the chopping and slicing that’s going on, and extra sharp knife will be invaluable! Give it to them before the meal so they can get some good use out of it, or give it to after so they can give their other knives a break after so much work. Rada is a great, inexpensive choice that offers a variety of knives and other kitchen utensils. As for what to choose:

My choice is their Cook’s Knife found here. It’s the perfect length and weight and so versatile.

For the kitchen purist, a French Chef’s knife is more traditional. Found here.

Or, if you are really looking to impress, get the 3-knife set that includes the French Chef, Cook’s Knife, and Cook’s Utility – which is a little smaller and less intimidating for some. And it comes in a beautiful box! Find it here.

Pretty Serving Bowls

There are few things that are sadder to me than making this beautiful, delicious meal and then putting it in a white plastic bowl, or a tin baking dish. It seems to be taking me a lot longer to acquire presentable serving bowls than the average cook. Do your host a favor, and find a lovely one for their mashed potatoes. Some sets that I love here or here. Or some gorgeous single bowls here or here.


You never think about needing a timer until you are cooking 7 dishes at once. Then, all of a sudden your oven timer and your phone timer are inadequate. “Boil this for 10 minutes” or “knead that for 5 full minutes” suddenly becomes more than your brain can handle because you have to remember what time you started! The timer doesn’t have to be fancy. One like this will do. Or get an old school egg timer or the cutest penguin timer ever here.

I promise they will love it! Or go a little more traditional with a drink or food item to contribute. Flowers or plants are nice. Or get a little more creative and give them a Christmas ornament for their tree. Or a gift card to their favorite restaurant so they don’t have to cook again for the next week. The holiday is about giving thanks, is it not? Make sure to be grateful to your host!


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