Moms need hobbies. The title speaks for itself. Most moms devote their lives fully to their children and leave little room for themselves. But we need to take time for ourselves – weekly, monthly, daily if possible (thank goodness for nap time!). It’s necessary for your sanity because your brain needs a break from your hectic mom life, and will lead to a happier you -resulting in a happier family.

When I got pregnant with my little guy, my sister called me and said I should prepare myself for boredom – because being my plan was to be a stay at home mom and dedicate myself to my son (and husband). I thought a lot about that and told myself that I would keep myself busy with projects. And I did and do. And I’m so much happier for it. I love nap time because it’s not only a time for me to detox, but I use it to better myself and have some fun just for me. I’m not a professional chef, or artist, or photographer – nor do I have a degree in anything other than business. But I don’t let that hold me back.

A little bit more about me…


First and foremost, I love God. He has been so good to me. After high school, I went on a Mormon mission to Argentina and it changed my life. Not only did it strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father, but it gave me a new perspective on myself. I came home ready to try anything. I had been holding myself back and God showed me I was capable of so much more.


I love my little family. They are my whole world. I have a wonderful, supporting husband who encourages me in my hobbies and watches our little one so I can step out of “mom mode” on occasion. I love our precious toddler and witnessing the wonder and excitement that shows in his beautiful blue eyes when he tries something new.

I also love everything else. I love eating and cooking and crafting and traveling and making new friends and running and dressing up and painting and working out and drawing and sleeping and watching tv and reading and being outside and on and on and on. Life is wonderful, if we open our eyes to the wonder.